Connect, manage and integrate IoT Devices & Smart Cities in one place

Manage and understand data generated from different IoT devices is complex and expensive


Why AllianceAPI ?

Simplified Smart Solution in a Full System Design

Simplified Integrations

Fast interconnectivity among every type of smart device

Device Management

Control, monitor and manage all your connections from our customizable dashboard

Secure Environment

Security focused solution created by Cyber Security experts 

Data Analytics

Make real-time business decisions with our Smart Analytics engine

Business Intelligence

Cloud based AI & ML for real-time predictions and diagnostics

No-Code integrations

Automation is imperative. Connect quickly with our no-code, rules-driven business process automation platform

Smart Cities

Making Cities & Communities Smarter

AllianceAPI Cloud solution quickly launches any smart device or service so that you can in real-time diagnose and make positive and safe business decisions. 



Integrated Voice technology with natural-language understanding and conversational AI


Cloud hosted SaaS platform both private and public for worldwide compliance


A single Application that is platform agnostic for all devices, services and retail


Provides OEM device manufacturers a simplified end-to-end connection


Conversational AI

Manufacturers can use our built-in marketplace to add value to their smart wearables and devices


Smart customizable charts

With our smart customizable dashboard, we provide real-time device management and data visualization, resulting in a more efficient decision making and operation.

data analytics

AI & ML based decisions

The value AI & ML begins with trust in the data. That trust relies on how data is collected, protected, and used. AllainceAPI metadata platform uses AI and ML to solve specific tasks by learning from data.

 Enabling connections and managing data for loT & Smart Cities

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