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Innovating IoT and Enterprise Technology through Connectic+

Innovative, customized solutions that betters all of us

Manufacturing automation, optimisation & scalable management solution

Acheiving global compliance from the inception

Flexible accessibility from anywhere in the world
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5G ready. Future proof your business and product portfolio
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AI and Smart Speaker compatible with embedded voice command
Complimentary secruity protocol with OTA update

E-commerce ready from the get-go

Complimentary secruity protocol with OTA update


Powering Technology Everywhere

Innovating IoT and Enterprise Technology through Connectic+

Flagship Product: Connectic+™

Connectic+ is a fully automated, real time universal API connect-all platform for digital devices and internets services. Connectic+ is a high-performance Universal API data connector with the ability to scale across centralized and decentralized compute networks. Build your system using Connectic+ or let our UniversalAPI; intelligently interface with your infrastructure.

                   AllianceAPI: Security Driver

AllianceAPIs Security is our number one concern. Because Connectic+ is such a light application we can host the application anywhere and, in any region, to make sure we adhere to your compliance requirements. As well, because of the way we actually only cache the metadata until we the request has been completed, we do require storing any user’s sensitive data. Free up your security resources and let AllianceAPI: Connectic+ do the heavy lifting.

                   AllianceAPI: Universal API

The powerful UniversalAPI Connectic+ provided by AllianceAPI contains a rich and secure set of features. Any business that would like to integrate the power of decentralized advance technology into their ecosystem can integrate AllianceAPI for all of these valuable benefits. Our universal API is self-healing dynamic voice enabled API that will revolutionize B2B business and enhance consumer experience with real time results.


IoT is recognized as the foundation for next generation of technology in digital space for connected devices. 

However, over 95% of businesses are failing to achieve scalability, visibility and resource needs due to reliance on their proprietary infrastructure while exposing their networks to various security threats with no imminent solution in sight.


AllianceAPI eliminates these issues through platform independent, decentralized SaaS Solution. System integrator is embedded with most advanced cyber security controllers that lets clients to manage and run IoT devices in the cloud or on prem.

Universal API Integrator offers software as a package without incurring expensive development, resources and maintenance costs while enabling real time data exchange, which greatly assists businesses to further expand their opportunities and prospects.