Help us Build your Business Intelligence

Become an AllianceAPI Connectic+ Beta customer and our team will build your business defined Business and Data Intelligence.

  • Real Time data analytics from your connected environment
  • Have better understanding of the data from your connected devices 
  • Reduce costs by understanding what’s happening in your smart environment 
  • Enable your connected eco system with your voice 
  • Automate , manage and control all your connections in 1 place 
  • Improve your margins with Business defined analytics 
  • Have a personalized experience from your connected environment, your data your analysis 
  • Have predictive AI behavioral analytics from your operations and your clients 
  • Have a cloud, software and hardware agnostic solution that will reduce your integrations time materially 
  • Take business decisions based on the data generated by your Ecosystem 
  • Take Automated Artificial Intelligence driven business decisions 
  • Integrate all your devices and understand their behavior in real time by having time and cost efficient tool.

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