The AllianceApi worldwide connectivity solution, CONNECTIC+ offers real-time visibility and management of all connected devices and IoT assets while ensuring they are always secure.

Born in the cloud and 5G enabled makes it the perfect match for IoT OEM device manufacturers and e-commerce services. AllianceAPIs powerful technology, Connectic+ is built for a new generation of use cases that will leverage edge computing to make your IoT assets more effective and efficient.

With our pre-built automated workflows, our application exceeds customers integration needs from days to hours reducing time and cost to full production.

Our clients can leverage the customizable analytics dashboard to accelerate insights and drive improvements and decision making in real-time using AI & ML.

Boost your end-user interactions using our built-in Voice AI. Our conversational AI platform enhances user’s interactions with devices and ecommerce services in real-time.

 Enabling connections and managing data for loT & Smart Cities


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