Enabling Smart Cities & Smart Communities

AllianceAPI’s Cloud-based IoT applications receive, analyze, and manage data in real-time to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions that improve quality of life.

Built platform agnostic, our app helps citizens engage with smart city ecosystems , using smartphones, mobile devices , connected cars and homes.

Our intuitive customizable dashboard allows users to see real-time data analytics required to make precise and safe decisions

Real-time urban informatics

With the combinations of low power sensors, wireless networks and AllianceAPI’s web and mobile based application, Smart cities are now possible


Structural health of buildings, bridges, and damns as well as advanced warning systems in emergency situations can now be put in place


Through sensors embedded in roadways and streetlights real-time transit and traffic can be managed for the purpose of reducing travel time and fuel inefficiencies


Smart buildings utilize monitoring devices that track usage and empower users and service providers to better control and reduce electricity demands


A smart utility grid will empower end users to be more aware of their energy usage, and allow utility companies to deliver only as much energy or water as is required


By the way of new sensor networks the accurate monitoring of environmental conditions like pollution levels, wildlife counts and water runoff all become possible

 Enabling connections and managing data for loT & Smart Cities

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