Why Use The Application Programming Interface from AllianceAPI?

AllianceAPI Connectic+ delivers worlds fastest API connector required for faster communications between global connected devices through its decentralized nodes infused with most advanced Cyber solutions and a powerful data storage stack for real time structured data to translate between connected devices in full mesh with latest IoT protocols and requirements.


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AllianceAPI is driven to be the world’s leading global SaaS solution designed for futuristic smart cities and enterprise IoT. Its platform-agnostic software Connectic+, is the only true single-source connection to instantly deliver a globally compliant feed of real-time, structured data. 

Connectic+ smart Universal API has the ability to connect businesses and consumer smart devices no matter the manufacturer or platform. Connectic+ processes any applications data both on-premises and in cloud infrastructures which then is delivered to any internet-enabled device i.e., phones, watches, computers, and headphones, while reducing development and maintenance costs by 40%.

Connectic+ platform delivers a powerful universal API framework that is compatible with any B2B enterprise (smart Cities and IoT environments) in a matter of hours. Connectic + collects the global live data stream through its 4 API components (Internal, Composite, Partner and, Open) and then processes the data in its datahub and is Voice AI controlled.


Advance cyber security is built directly into every layer of AllianceAPI. Most secure authentication methods including single Saas view using state of the art security orchestration methods. Secure authentication is provided at the application level by asymmetric elliptic curve cryptography. Malicious actors have no attack vector with AllianceAPI.

Fast and Global

IoT technology allows for a globally decentralized computing environment for connected devices. This combined computing power of AllianceAPI compute nodes around the world give applications designed to run in a IoT environment a distinct advantage.

Payment integration

The desire to have a system of secure payments directly integrated into the API feature set is absent from most environments. The inherent properties of IoT technology allow for financial transactions to easily be combined with your data.


One-way mathematical hash functions map IoT data to digital signatures. These signatures validate the data stored redundantly across all nodes in the IoT. If any particular node tries to reverse the chain, the hash signature will indicate the attempt and the other nodes will detect and invalidate the phony data.

Targeted Technology

AllianceAPI allows you to add the power of AI and ML to your targeted solution. Rather than forcing you to shoehorn your code into a general cloud infrastructure compute environment, AllianceAPI provides powerful system integrated functionality directly into your core code base environment through its Universal API.

Powerful Analytics with AI

The vast quantity of data stored on a IoT is useless without the ability to mine and analyze it quickly and make decisions based on that analysis. The AllianceAPI-AI engine contains a powerful set of learning algorithms that become more efficient and performant over time. This self-tuning ability gives your instance of AllianceAPI to become more capable at solving your particular problems over time.

The state of the AllianceAPI-AI engine is self saving. Restoring the gained intelligence after a system failure is transparent to the user. Off-site backup is supported by AllianceAPI.

Intelligent IoT Machine Learning

AllianceAPI embeds Machine Learning as its powerful tool and when combined with its AI, AllianceAPI Connectic+ will develop most powerful and dynamic matrix for IoT Eco System. AllianceAPI instructions are “executed” and performed by compute nodes in the IoT network.

AllianceAPI features powerful tools to generate the actions necessary and required for real time transactions.

AllianceAPI Usecase

The system integrator translates all the B2B data which are configured with different protocols with nano second transmission. Therefore, the client who is looking for information can scale up one’s search-ability by obtaining the data from different decentealized platforms.