At AllianceAPI, we are innovating the city of tomorrow with our global user behavior analysis platform Connectic+ powered by adaptive AI and no code Universal API.

Connectic+ will harness an Indian Smart City

AllianceAPI has secured contract to install its universal smart city platform Connectic+ to manage and develop smart waste management infrastructure for the Municipal Council of Udupi. AllianceAPI’s Connectic+ platform aim is to improve the quality of life for residents by improving the daily operation and coordination of waste management services.

Opening of Korean Office

AllianceAPI’s branch office has been newly opened at the heart of Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea.

AllianceAPI Korea will focus on R&D efforts to successfully roll-out overall stability & integrity of our Connectic+ innovative digital solutions, implementing secure distributed data transition technology. 

Additional sales activities are also planned in the pipeline in order to expand our ever-growing clientele and corporate presence in East Asia Pacific.

AllianceAPI will join WEBSUMMIT 2022 in Portugal 🇵🇹

on November 1st to 4th AllianceAPI’s core technology Connectic+ is a platform agnostic software that speed up users delivery by executing the service or query in real time. It’s a scalable platform with dynamic automated APIs framework (with a scheme to seamlessly integrate with any client or help create global marketplace with auto release token) uniformed with real time metadata for user behavior (predictive analysis). Those who are interested in our technology are very much welcome to interview us there in the venue of WEBSUMMIT 2022!! 

AllianceAPI in HUB71

HUB71 is the organization in Abu Dhabi to create symbiotic environment between startups, corporates, government and investors. Hub71 is a world-class tech ecosystem opening doors to global opportunities from an optimal business environment for entrepreneurial-minded innovators. Hub71 provide attractive programs for start ups. AllianceAPI has applied to their start up support program this year.

Connectic+ harnesses IoT and Realizes Global Smart City

Smart Mobility
Smart transportation in an IoT smart city includes information systems that collect data about traffic, vehicles, and usage of different modes of transport. Connectic+ can provide the optimal information including external environmental conditions such as weather and accidents.These information can be monitored and analyzed to create contingency plans. Public transportation assets such as trains and buses can be monitored and maintained to minimize breakdowns. Traffic operators use this data-driven information to achieve a standardized level of punctuality and security in transportation along with enhancing the traveling experience of the citizens.

Smart Infrastructure
Water level/Flood Monitoring
Connectic+ provides the best data on the condition of necessary water infrastructure from information obtained from a variety of IoT sensors which are on multiple clouds. This allows public organizations to prevent breakdowns and flooding and measure the efficiency of maintenance crews.

Smart Energy
Utility Management
Smart city solutions with Connectic+ allow citizens to take complete control of their household utilities and reduce costs Connectic+ provides optimal IoT solutions. This includes smart metering and billing solutions, consumption pattern identification, and remote monitoring. Smart meters transmit data to the utility through a communications network, allowing the utility to accurately bill each household for the amount of gas, energy, and water consumed. Remote assets can now be monitored in real time to detect and optimize problems such as leaks and breakdowns. The benefit of utility control is the ability to manage resources not only for the consumer, but also for the utility company.

Waste Management
IoT sensors can be attached to the waste containers, and collection routes can be optimized by connectic+, to save time, energy, and money with low-power-connected ultrasonic sensors. The sensors also provide data about dumpster usage, emptying cycles, and more. The mobile application immediately notifies waste truck drivers when the waste reaches the threshold. Hence, only full containers are emptied by the truck drivers. This can consolidate routes to save time, energy, and money.

Smart Governance
Automation of Administrative Processes
Smart Governance provides people with sufficient information about the operation of a smart city and makes the entire system more transparent. Connectic+ will make it possible to provide services without vested interests and to improve administrative efficiency. Information from various departments will be available online, allowing for measured automation of administrative processes and more efficient budgeting, accounting, and data flow.

Smart Economy
Smart Retail
Using an IoT ecosystem can increase the efficiency of running a retail store. For instance, Connectic+ can provide inventory visibility into shelves by mostaccurate way, and also can provide the most reliable data of transit routes, and warehouses. Sensors and devices would gather up-to-date data from these links in the supply chain, and make it transport it all to any IoT cloud or any on-premise database the company uses. Also, Smart Retail Benefits such as lower operational costs, higher efficiency, a personalized shopping experience. The customers’ evolving tastes are pushing more retailers to implement an IoT ecosystem into their business models.

Smart Healthcare
Emergency Service
Smart devices deployed Smart Healthcare engage and produce data from smart devices. Doctors, healthcare professionals, and researchers can then analyze this data for better diagnosis and treatment. Connectic+can provide the most accurate and reliable data to the smart devices, and also provides emergency services with new tools to improve their response time to emergencies. These digital solutions save time and expenses for both hospitals and patients.

 Enabling connections and managing data for loT & Smart Cities


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